Iron Legion

Legionary Rifleman

The Iron Legionary is armed with the dependable CLV rail rifle is the standard issue long arm of the Iron Legions. Rail rifles accelerate monocrystalline iron filaments to hypersonic speeds for pinpoint penetration and secondary blast damage. It is a first weapon a new recruit receives upon entering the Legion, and for most of them it stays as their mainstay weapon throughout their career.

All Iron Legion recruits are trained in the crushing gravity of the planet Cerberos. This artificial world is better known by its nickname “Torment” for both its harsh artificial gravity, the dreaded prison complex known as the “Maw” and the harsh regimen of training the Iron Legion conscripts go through here.

With the power of the Brand, this artificial ring-world was shaped on a critical star-jump junction to guard the approaches to the Earth, to act as the symbol of the Authority of the Earth, and to allow both the training and the assembly of the Iron Legion armies when the need arises.

At the center of Cerberus lies the Cerberus Gate, the first and greatest of the Lorentz-Tannhauser gates that allow almost instantaneous travel from star system to another.


Full Legionary

CLV rail rifle

Iron Legion 3rd Rifle Guard regiment

Terran Arms Service Medal (For serving in three tours of duty)

Stardust coffee, 4 shots

Boyko carries an ancient roman gladius as a personal side-arm, reinforced with Brand-enhanced Iron.