Chorals are warped alien worshippers originally drawn from many races and melded into living weapons by the will of their extra-dimensional master. They have been transformed via divine orthodoxy and now unify their voices in a stunning rendition of their inner Mantra. As they charge into combat the Chorals sing a disturbing hymn of frightening philosophical truths even as they rend their enemies apart with their divinely blessed claws.

Chorals are the most numerous of the countless forces in the service of the Mantra, and act as the bulk of their ground pacification forces. Every inhabited planet that willingly submits to Mantra will produces billions of new Chorals to serve the Great Song.

DNA examination of Choral remains indicates more than 3000 distinct genomes. It has speculated that the Mantra is capable of merging or combining xeno-biological material virtually without limitation, and that Chorals are an example of intra-species ‘genetic orthodoxy’ imposed by the Mantra.

Alien metal alloy claws

The greater the number of Chorals are concentrated into one place, the more aggressive and dangerous the Chorals become. In addition, using ranged fire enrages these creatures and greatly increases their speed in combat, as they consider armed resistance against Mantra a blasphemy.

NICKNAMES given by Earth forces:
“Claws”, “Hoods”, “Screamers”

Each Choral is made up from at least three separate sentient beings whose brains have been melded together.