From ranks of the sentient species that lack the intellect and philosophical depth to completely sublime their consciousness into the Great Song come the hordes of the brutish Descants. Their communion with the Great Song of the Mantra is not complete, and therefore they are relegated into a support role, considered an inferior position within the hierarchy of the Mantra. The highest form of praise to the Mantra is to slay the unbelievers with your own hands, so using ranged attacks is sometimes used as a punishment or an indication of low status.

Due to their humiliating circumstance the Descant are the embodiment of holy rage, unleashing their wrath on any non-Mantra creature they encounter. When the Mantra takes over a world, it is the armies of Descants that are left behind to ensure that all life is eradicated before the planet is transformed by the Great Song.

Descants rapidly proceed into close range with their enemies, shooting salvoes from their bracelet-mounted casters before executing thunderous charges that can break the lines of any opponent. They sometimes crouch down and lope to battle using their massive arms as well as their legs for propulsion, giving them a disturbing, uneven gait.

Unknown multiple worlds in the domain of Mantra

Wrist-and chest-mounted rapid-fire projectile weapons using displacement field technology. Direct melee attacks using the immense strength of the Descant in close quarters.

NICKNAMES given by Earth forces:
“Cyclops”, “Bruisers”, “Stompers”

Any living creature, regardless of its DNA make-up can be melded into the mass from which Descants are formed out of.