Warforged: First Contact is a tactical battle game for two or more players. Players take command of the Terran Authority’s Iron Legionaries in mankind’s first encounter with the alien forces of the Mantra. Players use their warriors, war machines and heroes to vie for victory through cunning tactics and bold strategy (plus a little bit of luck) within the extra-dimensional realm of a Mantra shrine-portal. The fate of humanity rests in the balance.

This is a game where the gameplay is the king. The aim of the design team was to create an alchemical mixture of board game and miniature game where you can learn to play within minutes, and yet the replayability and depth of the gameplay will keep you coming back again and again.

Playing the Game

The overall objective of the game is for the Legion player to fight their way into new areas of the Mantra shrine-portal and secure them so that, eventually, the entire structure can be wrested from Mantra control. The Mantra player works to prevent this and keep the shrine-portal open as a bridgehead into the reality of the Iron Legion.

Player forces are represented by models on the battlefield. Each model occupies a single hex on  the board. Different models have different capabilities for attack and defense, and these can be modified by the equipment they carry.

Warforged: First Contact is played over a number of game turns called Battle Turns. On each battle turn all of the models on the board get to activate, but the precise order is down toplayer choice and a degree of luck.

Each set of battle turns begins with the command cards for both sides’ models being shuffled together to form a single deck, this is called the Action Deck.

Cards from the action deck are drawn one at a time. The results of each card are resolved before the next card is drawn. When the action deck runs out of cards the battle turn is over.


Heroes are a special kind of model with exceptional abilities. Heroes are very powerful individuals and have additional skills that they can use in battle. All of the other rules that apply to models apply to heroes too, but you’ll see heroes singled out on occasion as an exception.

Core Features

  • The Initiative System where the players take turns to activate their models in the order set by the card deck, where each card represents a single warrior on battlefield. Each card also contains all the gameplay information for the model whose turn it is to act. This keeps all the action on the tabletop without the need of having to consult charts and rulebooks while you play!
  • The game features an innovative mechanic of Power Tokens. From the beginning of the game the players can gradually gain and store these Tokens. They can either be used to give temporary boosts to individual models, or if enough Power Tokens have been gathered the powerful Hero models can use them to unleash their most devastating attacks. It is the player’s skill in chaining moves, Power Token use and Hero skills together that will determine the victory and defeat.
  • The game features three unique sets of dice; balanced, offensive and defensive, that determine all the actions within the game, and allow players to trigger the special skills and abilities of each warrior.
  • Scalable Exploration Mode allows players to play a game of any size with multiple players and several different factions, where no game is ever the same.
  • By racking up kills on the Kill Tracker, the Iron Legion player can earn decorations during gameplay. Earning new medals or awards allows you to immediately improve the forces under your command.