Iron Legion



Scion of one of the noblest Ascended Houses of the Authority, and a blood relative of the Tyrant Aurelius, Kara was raised in the martial traditions of the Earth; those of the Samurai and Knights. Her upbringing gave her somewhat romantic view of warfare, but also instilled in her a strong sense of justice and righteousness.

Ever since she touched the Seal, her physical skills and her power to inspire her troops became almost unrivalled. She swiftly rose through the ranks of the Authority to the position of Tribunal and Favored of the Tyrant Aurelius. Some even believe that one day she might take the mantle of Tyrant of Earth herself.

Her first commission was in the Iron Legion heavy armored infantry division Fulgur Arma was as a unit commander, and she distinguished herself through her tireless endeavor and unshakeable faith in the Authority’s manifest destiny to rule the galaxy. When the Mantra Wars began Kara was the first of the Awoken to battle the alien threat.

Her Battle-Valkyrie armour was built specially for her and she often bears with it the legendary banner Oriflamme. Throughout the Mantra wars the Oriflamme became a familiar sight on a hundred battlefields and a rallying point to the Iron Legion.

Mountainslicer-class Monofilament Blade

Joan of Arc/Valkyries

Sovereign Tyrannia Terra (Earth)