Angra is revered as a living god on a thousand worlds under Mantra dominion. He belongs to the Ganth, an alien race who fell under the Mantra control countless aeons ago. The Ganth remain notable as one of a handful of races inducted into the Mantra more or less unaltered. Angra possesses an exceedingly rare genetic variant among the Ganth and as a result he has three huge tusked heads instead of just one, as well as Albino skin and massive size, all of which set him apart from the Ganth legions he commands.

Angra carries an enormous customized Triple-headed Fury Cannon that no-one else amongst the Ganth can even lift from the ground. His withering firepower and his immense size make Angra a presence on any battlefield that his human opponents dread.

Angra's triple mind can commune with the hymn of Mantra on a far deeper level than than his fellow Ganth who often are simply consumed by the Mantra's aspects of righteous fury. He appears terrifyingly calm in middle of the battlefield, never troubling to even avoid incoming enemy fire thanks to his absolute certainty of the divine protection of the Mantra. The echo of the Great Song bestows Angra with unerring accuracy with his weapon, as it grants each of his three heads a different vantage point of the battlefield. This makes him a unique asset to a Mantra Host who are usually weak when it comes to long-range firepower.

Before each battle, Angra is known to make a prophecy on how the battle will end, often telling of the eternal damnation that the enemies of the Mantra will face once they are slain in battle. His predictions come to pass with frightening accuracy, further enhancing his dark legend amongst the Uprising and the Iron Legion.

Codename Tusk (Human name of the planet -Mantra name unknown)

Angra wears gilded armor over his massive body, and the tusks of his triple head are encrusted with alien gemstones. Each of his three heads is painted with different symbols, representing past, present and the future, hinting at his prophetic powers. Even amongst the colossal Ganth, Angra stands head and shoulders above those around him, and radiates sheer terror.

Angra carries a tower-like triple-barrel Ganth Fury Cannon of colossal proportions, and his bladed tusks and sheer size are dangerous in close quarters. His ability to avoid damage thanks to his prophetic powers is uncanny, and he often escapes completely unharmed when targeted by enemy counter-fire.